Turkey benefits of very good climatic and ecological conditions which enhance the potential for the production of many fruit and vegetable varieties, and particularly the citrus fruit cultivation, representing 3,74 % of total world citrus production. 84,2 % of Turkey’s citrus fruit is produced on the Mediterranean Region where the Mediterranean Exporter Unions is settled and therefore this region owns an important place in our country regarding citrus fruits production and exportation. Citrus orchards dwell on approximately 127.342 hectares in Turkey. The main production places are Mersin, Adana and Hatay Provinces, where 81 % of Turkish lemons, 95,6 % of Turkish grapefruit, 53 % of oranges and 72,2 % of mandarins are produced, in the region of Çukurova.

Over the last 25 years, citrus cultivation has shown important developments and is expected to increase in the next years with a good development of the infrastructure in the packinghouses, concentrated and tinned citrus plants, cold and frozen storage and terminals as well as in transportation by sea, by air and by road.

In 2014, Turkey’s citrus production was 3.783.517 tons, which ranks Turkey as one of the top citrus producers in the Mediterranean basin. The breakdown by variety is as follows: 1.046.899 tons easy peelers; 1.779.675 tons orange; 725.230 tons lemon; 229.555 tons grapefruits. In 2015, Turkish citrus exports was 1.536.737 tons and 842 million dollar.

The breakdown by varieties is as fallows: 568.259 tons easy peelers, 476.656 tons lemons, 336.215 tons oranges and 115.581 tons grapefruits were exported.

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tr-haritaTurkish Citrus Promotion Group

About 4 million ton of production and an export value of 942 million dollar, Turkish citrus sector is of vital importance for the population of 5 million people from Aegean and Mediterranean Regions who directly or indirectly earn their livings by.

Considering the high competitive advantages of Turkish Citrus Fruits such as natural unique taste and finest quality, it is fair to understand that one third of citrus production is oriented to export.

Citrus Promotion Group was founded to increase not only the domestic but also the international consumption of our citrus products and also to optimize the usage of right marketing techniques as it becomes the national agenda.

Citrus Promotion Group aims at promoting our products by implementing the trademark process and emphasizing “Turkish Product” image throughout the world.

It is accepted by the world that the vitamins and fibers which the citrus fruits contain have positive effects on human health.

With the promotion campaigns we will hold in the future, we intend to emphasize these features to create a consumption habit in and out of Turkey. This will also help the purpose of creating “Turkish Product” image.

Citrus Promotion Group was founded to achieve above mentioned issues in November 2007 by the Undersecreteriat of Foreign Trade Directive numbered 120008151. The secreteriat of Citrus Promotion Group is run by General Secreteriat of Mediterranean Exporters Unions. Citrus Promotion Group Management Board is composed of 11 members (6 representatives from Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters Union, 5 represantative from each Antalya, Eagean, East Black Sea, İstanbul and Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporter’s Union.).