It’s no secret that winter is a cold season, it is cold event in Turkey. The temperature can go down to 0 in Alanya and to -20 or -30 in other places. Many street cats in this cold weather try to find a place to hide and stay warm, cats love to snuggle up in tiny, out-of-the-way places. The smaller, darker, and harder for everyone else to get to, the better.

In order to make street cats feel warn in winter, it’s best to give them a space of their own. An it is very easy.

You could go out and buy an expensive cat box, but you can make one yourself using nothing but things you already have lying around the house. And they will just love your handcrafted which will make them stay warn in winter.

No matter where  you live, in Turkey or in another country, all cats all over the world will love these boxes!
Create one or more boxes like this, place near your house, better in a place where the rain or snow can not come, save a live!


  • A medium-size cardboard box
  • An old T-shirt (medium or large size works best)
  • Stretch wrap film
  • Big plastic shopping bag
  • An old throw pillow/or something thick
  • A stapler15895233_557099254485448_6048418513912717555_n
    We have created 2 boxes and placed them not far from our house. And you can see that even 2 cats can fit in one box. We hope that these boxes will help them to survive the winter and stay warm and cosy when it is cold outside.


  1. Position your box so that the opening is on the side. You may want to fold the flaps in to prevent them from flopping around.
  2. Stretch wrap film around the box, then put it in the big plastic bag and stretch wrap film around it one more time. It will protect the box from humidity and rain.
  3. Stretch your T-shirt over the box, with the neck hole over the open side.
  4. Staple the bottom hem of the T-shirt together at the back to make it snug and secure.
  5. Stuff the throw pillow inside the box through the opening and pat into place.
  6. Place it near your house in a secure place!

Watch the video below to see how it’s done, and make a cute kitty habitat of your own.