Mr.Tanrıseven, what does it mean to be a governor in Turkey?

Being district governor in Turkey is very different from other parts of the world, only in France, Belgium and Switzerland the system is almost the same. In Turkey the position of governor also means a professional manager.

The word “kaymakam” (turkish: governor) has no exact translation from Turkish into other languages. Kaymakam is a representative of the Turkish government in places where municipalities are, so kaymakam is a local representative for the central government of Turkey. Kaymakam’s role is to control the districts that the laws and decisions made by Turkish government are taken.

Every ministry in Turkey has local offices and representatives, so kaymakam (in a small city like Alanya) and vali (in a big city like Antalya) make sure that the ministerial offices do their work correctly.

You had managed many projects before. And what is your main project for Alanya?

My main project for Alanya is to make all the projects which have been started and those which are yet to start here be realized. I have many projects and ideas, but people must know that whichever project they do I am here to help and support them in this.

 What is in on your agenda for the future of Alanya?

We have to develop winter tourism here in Alanya. In winter many hotels are closed, so our aim is to find the way to help them open all year around and attract more tourism.

Retired people from all over Europe and other parts of the world will be able to come to Alanya and spent their winters here, this would mean a cheaper way of life for all.

Tourists to Alanya and Turkey have no reason to worry about health care. We have here some of the finest doctors and hospitals found anywhere in the world with very compactable prices. Trust is foremost in our minds. We have also a lot of social projects to do. One of them is to renovate the old church in Alanya Castle and make it available for religious services for foreigners. We have renovated the ship yard in the castle and now we are working on trekking areas in the mountains.

 How do you want to see Alanya after your years as governor here?

I would like to think that the tourists going back to their homes will tell all their friends about they holiday in Alanya and what a wonderful place it was to visit and maybe to stay. The safety of the tourists is upmost on our minds and they would have no fear whilst on holiday.

The future of Alanya as it is today is based on tourism, and will become even better with all our future projects.

Alanya doesn’t need a million budget advertisements, a holiday here and we guarantee to win your hearts.

 What do you think about the activities that local foreigners do to be more integrated into the Turkish society?

There are around 30 000 foreigners living in Alanya. I do not like to use the word foreigners, as they are new alanyans from different countries.

We have to show tolerance to each other and become an example to the world. This is a good opportunity for us.

I want to get in contact with the new Alanya residents, listen to them.  We can have different meanings but we all live together in one place which we strive to make better. I want to help international organizations in any activities they have planned, and I wish them to know that I am here for them.

 In which situations can new Alanya residents ask for help in the governor’s office?

We have the power to warn municipalities. If anyone feels that municipality is not doing their work correctly, people are welcome to make an appointment at the governor’s office and to talk over their problems.

 What do you think are the reasons for foreigners to come to Alanya?

First of all, we have to ask them, but I would love to think that once they have been here like me they will fall in love with Alanya and return again, and again, and again. And who knows, maybe make Alanya their new homes.

 What is you message to our readers?

We have to show tolerance to each other and learn the best from each other.

In such a multicultural environment as Alanya we have to show respect and tolerance to make Alanya a better place to live in.