Learning Turkish is not an easy task, because the Turkish language is quite different from studying Indo-European languages in a sense that verbs come at the end of sentences, there is no gender, and there are eight vowels. However, with commitment and patience it is absolutely achievable.

There is no better way for experiencing a language in its own environment to make the learning process faster and the language truly tangible. Alanya is the most preferred place to learn Turkish, but TÖMER courses available in Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Istanbul, Samsun, Bursa, Trabzon and Marmaris. TOMER is the most popular Turkish language schools in Turkey. The quality of your class based learning experience surely depends on the teacher and your classmates.
TÖMER Turkish Language Centres are part of University of Ankara. University of Ankara is one of the most prestigous university in Turkey.

TOMER is run by Ankara University so all the academic team is part of the university. In TOMER, Turkish courses consist of 4 basic, 4 medium and 4 high, total 12 levels. Every level takes around 80 hours so if you are an absolute beginner it takes around 10 months to learn Turkish for university level. TOMER’s students learn 5 most important skills of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, writing and grammar. TÖMER has developed its own Turkish Teaching meterials; the New HITIT Turkish Teaching books are the most famous books in Turkish teaching.
So if you want to learn Turkish language, be able to speak and understand, take contact with Alanya branch of TÖMER for more information.