Amongst the warm (sıcak) meze, you fill again find the sigara börek, a small cheese roll (see previous issue of GT) and mantar dolması (mushrooms filled with melted cheese).
Liver is very popular and arnavut ciğeri – Albanian liver fried with flour, salt and paprika powder – is one of liver dishes.
Eggplant is used in more dishes. One of them is simply to fry pieces and serve as patlıcan kizartmasi.

Bumbar is a ring shaped sausage filled with minced meat and rice.

Dolgulu köz kırmızı biber is red pepper (paprika) baked in the oven.

Muska böreği is a triangle of pastry filled with meat or cheese.

Patates kroket is simply as it sounds a potato croquette. And of course cips (chips) and elma patates (wedges) belongs to the meze as well. If you are lucky these are made from fresh potatoes and not from a bag from the freezer.

There are many more of the warm starters, just like the cold ones. However, we think you have got a small idea about how rich even this part of the Turkish kitchen is.

A good advice would anyway be: Do not order too much of the appetizers, if you are not really starving. You have to keep room for the main course(s) as well. And they are many, many, many.
So keep reading Great Times and prepare your stomach and tongue for a culinary experience while you are visiting this great country. Afiyet olsun – bon appetite!